Lancaster County Democratic Committee

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The Lancaster County Democratic Committee (LCDC) is authorized by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee to represent the Democratic Party in Lancaster County. The county committee is regulated by its bylaws which are approved by the state party.

County Committee

The County Committee is composed of elected Officers, the Executive Board members, elected State Committee members and elected committee people. Two committee people are elected to represent each designated precinct in the county. There are 256 precincts which are determined by the Lancaster County Elections Board, an agency of the County of Lancaster government.

The County Committee meets at least once each year to conduct business and to endorse candidates. The County Committee also gathers every four years, on the years Pennsylvania regularly elects a Governor, to elect Officers. They may also meet at the call of the Chair, the Executive Board or by their own agreement to review the County Committee’s bylaws, set policy or conduct other business.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets on a monthly basis and is charged with administering the functions of the County Committee. The Executive Board is composed of the elected Officers, State Committee persons, elected officials, District Leaders, and Subommittee chairs.

Subcommittees of the Executive Board

  • Bylaws Committee — Reviews and oversees edits to LCDC’s governing documents.
  • Campaign Committee — Oversees LCDC involvement in races relevant to Lancaster County.
  • Communications Committee — Oversees external and internal communication efforts.
  • Events Committee — Oversees planning and logistics of LCDC-level events.
  • Finance Committee — Oversees fundraising and budgeting efforts.
  • Issues Committee — Holds regular issue forums and advises campaigns on issues.
  • Organization Committee — Provides training and resources for organizing throughout Lancaster County.


Districts are subdivisions of the county created by the Executive Board to administer the County party on a more local level. With some exceptions, the County is divided by school district boundaries.

District Committees are composed of elected precinct committee persons who reside within the district. They elect a District Leader who serves on the LCDC Executive Board.

Precinct Committee People

Precinct committee people are elected by Democrats in a specific precinct to represent them by serving on the County Committee. Precinct committee people have specific duties, such as appraising their constituents of polling dates and places, providing information concerning candidates and issues before the electorate, representing the Democratic Party and endorsed candidates at their polls on election days, organizing their precincts to get out the vote and serving their constituents.

Committee People are elected by registered Democrats from the voting district (precinct) in which the committee person resides. Committee people are assisted by precinct volunteers.

Committee People:

  • establish communication with precinct voters and maintain records of precinct voter contact data;
  • work to increase voter contacts, educate voters on issues and Party positions, and increase election turnout;
  • support our endorsed candidates in contacting and connecting with precinct voters;
  • staff polls and provide oversight on election day;
  • support and increase Democratic activity in Lancaster County.