Officers & Subcommittees

LCDC Organization

The Executive Committee, comprised of the elected Officers and Subcommittee chairs, is charged with administering the functions of the County Committee.

The Executive Board, comprised of the elected Officers, Subcommittee chairs, State Committee persons, elected officials, District Leaders, and Caucus chairs, is an advisory body that assists the Executive Committee in the administration of the County Committee.


Thomas G. O’Brien

Stella Sexton

Cheryl D. Holland-Jones

Brad R. Bergman

Subcommittees & Caucuses

Working in small groups, subcommittees are tasked with handling various aspects of County Committee administration. Each subcommittee chair is a member of the Executive Committee. Subcommittee membership is open to any registered Democrat in Lancaster County. If you are interested in joining, please contact the listed chair for more information.

Caucuses are established by action of the LCDC Chair to represent various constituencies the Democratic Party serves and help organize in those constituencies. Caucus Chairs, who are members of the Executive Board, are listed below.

Black Caucus

TBD, Chair

Bylaws Committee

Bruce Beardsley, Chair

Campaign Committee

Chris Wakeley, Chair

Communications Committee

Lauren Kuntz, Chair

Events Committee

TBD, Chair

Finance Committee

Stella Sexton, Chair

Labor Caucus

Jean Martin, Chair

Information/Technology Committee

Joseph Moran, Chair

Issues Committee

TBD, Chair

LGBTQ+ Caucus

Damon Myers, Chair

Organization Committee

Kristy Moore, Chair

Veterans Caucus

Jim Sandoe, Chair

Environmental Caucus

Jim Sandoe, Chair

Young Democrats Caucus

Jeremy Zimmerman, Chair

Seniors Caucus

Catherina Celosse, Chair

State Committee

The PA Democratic State Committee members are elected in the even years between Presidential elections, when Pennsylvania regularly elects a Governor. The State Committee convenes three times each year in Harrisburg to endorse candidates for state-wide office, adopt party platform positions on issues affecting Pennsylvania, approve the state party budget, and conduct other Democratic Party business.

The following individuals represent the Lancaster County Democratic Committee on the PA Democratic State Committee.

State Committee Members

Tene Darby

Adam Hosey

Janet Diaz

Robert Misciagna

Damon Myers

Carol Gifford

Kristy L. Moore