2021 Spring Event & Awards Reception

Sunday, April 25, 2021
Guest Speaker

Brian Derrick

Brian Derrick

Brian Derrick is a New York-based political consultant and finance professional. Brian has managed campaigns and raised funds for candidates from City Council to President of the United States with a particular focus on momentum building in battleground districts and counties. In addition, he has grown an online following for his political analysis and whiteboard breakdowns of electoral and governance issues.

Our Award Winners

Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El
Lifetime Achievement Award

Sam Mecum

Sam Mecum is a long-time friend to LCDC, having served as a committee person, bylaw author, parliamentarian, legal advisor, and elected official for over 40 years. Sam has made community service his life’s work. He was the first Democrat ever elected Manheim Township Commissioner and was re-elected with the then-highest vote total ever received by a Commissioner candidate. A staff attorney at Appel, Yost & Zee, Sam lives in Manheim Township with his wife, Debra; is an active member in his church; and enjoys a good game of trivia, scrabble, and fantasy baseball.

of the Year

DJ Ramsay

DJ Ramsay is a designer and communication consultant who works with governments, political campaigns, and nonprofits to motivate people to do something good. He has been involved in politics and social action for more than a decade, and became involved in LCDC as a committee person in early 2017. He has worked on campaigns at all levels, and currently serves as LCDC’s Communications Committee chair. A graduate of Millersville University, DJ lives in Lancaster City and can often be found spending Friday nights at DipCo, having passionate discussions about typefaces.